How to prepare for Descriptive English Paper for SEBI, NABARD, RBI

How to prepare for Descriptive English Paper SEBI, RBI, NABARD

Dear Aspirant,

The nature of Descriptive type English is different from that of Objective type English. Descriptive type English is open-ended and so it is easier for you to prepare ‘fodder materials’ on the basis of personal guess, knowledge, and experience while on the other hand Objective Type English being close-ended requires tedious studies under continuous guidance and at the same time the guess made generally falls flat.

If you work properly on Descriptive English Paper, you can get more output from less input. What you have to do is to focus on some key-areas.

  1. Go through the articles of a reputed newspaper on a daily basis; but you must remember that all articles may or may not be relevant to the examination you are preparing for. Pick and choose 2-3 articles and read those with proper analysis. Jot down the main points and then make a summary of it. A time will come when you have a good set of fodder materials.
  2. Don’t ignore those words which you are not familiar with. Just jot them down with their proper usage.
  3. If you have poor writing skill, note the sentences used in the articles. You can copy those while expanding your summary.
  4. Discuss the articles with your friends not in a vernacular language but in English keeping in mind the words and sentences used in the articles.
  5. Please, keep doing all these on a daily basis. You’ll notice you will have enhanced your communication skill – oral and verbal – within months. The final phase of Interview will no longer be a fear for you.

Dear Aspirant,

Everybody is after quick success. (S)he is always in search of a short-cut path leading to her/his cherished goal. Moreover, the edifice of Indian Education rests on guidance. Right from childhood, the deep-rooted belief has been to take guidance from a tutor and so, the habit of self-studies keeps a little room in the daily routine. Completing the guessed portions from the syllabus remains the main target. And now that you’re contending for a job, you require guidance as usual. Taking guidance from experts means ‘completing the syllabus by focusing on the most important questions within the limited time frame. There is nothing negative in it. You need not obtain a scholarly certificate which requires meticulous learning for rather a long period; what you need is to get a job only which becomes easier under the proper guidance of experts.

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