How to boost up your writing skill for SEBI, NABARD, RBI-by Anandam Sir

How to boost writing skill

Good writing skill matters in fetching better marks in the regulatory body exams. It is generally noticed that the aspirants for such exams fair well in Objective English Paper; but, as they attempt the Descriptive English Paper, they fail to implement the knowledge of English gained. In fact, Descriptive English paper is the practical side of learning English. It requires focus on multiple dimensions such as the proper use of grammar, syntax, lexicology and punctuation. In addition, it requires sound knowledge of the topic given in the concerned paper. The following is a passage to be edited from different dimensions. The answer will be displayed then and there on submission. Hope, it will definitely suffice.


Edit the following Essay keeping in mind the usage of Grammar, Words, Syntax and Punctuation. As you submit, you will get the answer then and there and match your answer.:-

Climate change and its impact on Indian Agriculture

Climate change in simple terms mean change in natural chemical, physical and biological composition of atmosphere mainly drive by anthropogenic activities. Raising concentration of green house gases are the most prominent cause for it.  All this results in increasing frequency and intensity of natural disasters with time. Thus, every sector of economy would suffer from impact of climate change but agriculture would be the worst affected as it is a symbiotic relation with the climate of the earth.

Indian Agriculture is not exception of this scenario, the vulnerability of which is even more as still it is considered to be a gamble of monsoon. Decline in yield of most crops in range of 15 to 25% is forecasted by studies. Fluctuations in weather and rainfall patterns would cast uncertainty over agricultural output in India; hence trigger hunger and food security rises concern for the masses. There will be a decline in nutritive value of food grain like iron, protein, zinc etc. owing to climate change. Rising temperature causing melting of Himalayan glaciers which are the sources of water for Rivers in North India would witness a decline in their flow thus will threaten agricultural operation. Recent locust attack on standing crops in India is the manifestation of climate change only.

The climate change is a reality now. Since climate change is a global phenomenon which can’t be tackled at individual level, global cohesive and coordinated response are a sine quo non for tackling this demon of climate change.