How to provide a suitable/apt title to precis in Descriptive English for NABARD, SEBI, RBI, UPSC exams

suitable title for Precis

Dear Aspirant,

Precis Writing is an art and so it requires excellent skills. Reading the source for the Précis and supplying the main points in a compressed form are easier than provide it with a suitable/apt title. Unless you have fully grasped the meaning/sense of the source, you will find it difficult to provide it with an apt title.

As the headlines of a newspaper or any journal invite you to read the contents so is the case with the title of your précis; the title of your précis should be inviting. It must prove itself a hook that arouses interest in the readers to read the contents. If the message of the contents does not satisfy the title, you will deserve fewer marks. Focus on the following key-points which will help you provide an apt title to your final précis:-

  1. The hint for a suitable title for your précis generally lies either in the first or in the last paragraph of the passage given. Grasp the sense of the two paragraphs and then decide upon providing the title taking into account some particular term used.
  2. The theme of the passage gives a broad account for a suitable title. If you have grasped the whole passage quite well, it becomes much easier.
  3. Generally, the given passage revolves around a particular term (word, phrase, etc.). Keeping the term into account, provide the title.
  4. The title must be short; however, it may be long depending on the fact how clearly the title reflects the message of the précis done.
  5. You had better supply your title first and then write the précis revolving around the title.