What are the main concerns of the Aspirants in the Précis Section for NABARD, SEBI, UPSC, RBI

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Dear Aspirant,

The Précis-section is an integral part in the Regulatory Body Phase-II Exam. The source of this section and that of the Comprehension Section is the same. The Passage comprises around 450 words and you have to make it precise in around 150 words. The main concerns of the Aspirants in this section may be:

  1. How to reduce the given passage to its 1/3rd?
  2. How to provide a suitable title to the précis?
  3. Whether the précis be written in the same format of the given passage
  4. Whether to use the same terms used in the source
  5. Whether marks will be deducted incase the word limit is not met
  6. How to supply the main idea of the given source to the précis writing
  7. How to improve gradually for better marks in Precis
  8. How much time should be given to the Precis Section
  9. What should be the key points to score better marks in this section
  10. Which Person a Precis should be written in
  11. Whether Active Voice or Passive Voice should be preferred
  12. What should be the Narration a Precis should be written in
  13. What should be avoided while attempting a Precis
  14. What should be the Do’s of Precis Writing
  15. Whether Informal words can be used in précis Writing

….so and so forth

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