How to write an essay for GIC-2021?

how to write an essay

Dear Friend,

Insurance Sector has a lot of scope as this sector has penetrated remarkably less area of the country. The allowance of 74% FDIs in this sector has paved the path for higher growth in this sector. The Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) of India has managed to record double-digit growth of 10% in financial year 2021 amid COVID-19 pandemic. So, don’t take this exam for granted and the preparation of Descriptive English Paper will create a difference. 

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Writing an essay is an art which requires:

  • Descriptive Knowledge of various topics
  • Sound Vocabulary (Words, Idioms/Phrases, One word Substitutions)
  • Sound Knowledge of Current Affairs
  • Good skill in data mining
  • Healthy Thought Processing
  • Strong Guidance

Apart from all the above, please, focus on the following:-

  • Your essay should be written in Simple Sentences. Avoid cumbersome words and sentences. 
  • Avoid verbosity.
  • Your starting and ending must be forceful.
  • Stop for a while to analyze the Topic given. 
  • Make a concrete strategy before jump to writing the essay.
  • Don’t deviate from the point, which sometimes happens in absence of points and strategy.
  • Remain calm and composed in dealing with the essay you’re writing on.

All the best!