How was your GIC Descriptive English Paper?

GIC 2021 Mains feedback

Dear Aspirant,
Hope, you have fared well in the Descriptive English Paper for GIC 2021 Phase – II Exam held on August 28 & 29, 2021 as almost everything was predictable.
We expect you to share your experience about the exam.
(Note: The feedbacks from different aspirants will be displayed here. It will help you and others make a concrete strategy for the coming exams.)

  1. What did you feel as you glanced over the questions on the screen?
  2. Which section did you choose first and why?
  3. Out of four essay topics, which seemed to you the easiest to deal with?
  4. In how many words did you write your essay?
  5. What was the word-limit of the précis?
  6. On which subject matter was the passage for Precis?
  7. Could you provide a suitable title the précis and frame it within the word-limit?
  8. What was the difficulty that you faced while writing the précis?
  9. What was passage all about and whether you were familiar with it or totally it was new to you?
  10. How much long was the passage?
  11. How many questions were set in it?
  12. In how many words did you answer the questions given?
  13. What is your overall experience?