Insights on Letter Writing!

Insights on letter Writing

Letters are an important mode of communication; be it a formal letter to professional contacts or higher officials and informal letters written to family and friends.

There’s a stipulated format that must be followed while drafting a letter. Only with rigorous practice, you can excel in Letter Writing within a specified time and word limit.

Here we will be providing the conventions and modalities for writing formal and informal letters with examples.

Letter 1

Write a letter to your friend encouraging and wishing her luck for the upcoming civil service exam which is her final attempt.

This is an informal letter to be written to a friend.

You can start with Dear or just the name.

Dear Jhanvi,

      I’m immensely delighted to know that you’ve been preparing for India’s most prestigious Civil Services Examination.

I remember these famous lines of Robert Frost’s poem, The Road Not Taken;

    I took the one less travelled by,

    And that has made all the difference!

     Being in The Indian Bureaucratic System is just not a job, it’s a Public Service. Your dreams are tied up with the varying sections of people, who strive to get basic amenity to impart exploding innovations in extensive areas.

      Hence the gruelling selection process is humbly justiciable. We know Intelligence and Hard work are the key factors to ace this examination, but there’s something you must uphold throughout this preparation journey.

The Perseverance!

Tina Dabi, a young political science graduate with no prior work experience has cracked CSE 2016 with AIR 1.

Ira Singhal and Bino Zephine are the first differently-abled people who beat the odds to become bureaucrats.

    Yes, It is more evident from the past results that irrespective of physical, education or experience background, one needs to be exceptionally consistent.

I have always seen you grow up with an ambition of working for the welfare of the people.

Your untiring involvement in NCC and NSS in school have always amazed us and I’m sure you’re the best fit for bureaucracy.

I wish you tremendous success in this one final leap that leads you to our Indian Executive System.

All the Best!

Wishes & Regards,


*There’s no restriction in word usage and flow in writing informal letters.

*You can use quotes, dialects, facts anywhere you find them appropriate.