Precis Writing: Sample 1

Precis Writing

Precis writing 1

 Midway into the indian inniings two security guards at old trafford with deputed to man an area they usually don’t that’s where a group of fans without tickets for trying to jump over the fencing and get in for a glimpse of the action never said one of them when asked if they had ever been asked to petrol that part of the stadium for concerts yes not for cricket two people want to enter the stadium this way it was a very different day at the venue which is best hosting cricket since 1857 they are used to historical behavior of fans at the ground going by the same name about half kilometer away but that is the old trafford of manchester united player football fans sometimes go bonkers cricket here is a gentleman’s game where it quits matter we come to the ground watch the match club when they feel like shout the earth slogan and go home the ground to have hosted many matches featuring the oldest drivers in cricket was witness to crazy scenes on Sunday as thousands of india and pakistan fans transform to place to a melting pot of colour and noise from all over england and few distant parts of the world crowd gathered near the gates and hour before they were supposed to open spirits lifted by bear this sentence and made mary if indian outnumbered pakistan is the rivals make sure they were audible drums and bugles of the two sides computer with each other all day world cup deceived by rain and dumb. by washouts to same to have come life more than the performance of the Indian team it was the performance of the fans which made sure that this happened in the end supporters of the two countries were dancing together.  (303 words)

 Wickets, bugles, and fan-tastic match fever

 An uncommon area of the Old Trafford stadium was patrolled by 2 security personnel to guard a bunch of cricket fans entering without tickets. One of the guards in awe said that such trespassing was usual during concerts and football matches, but for Cricket it was unprecedented. Cricket, in England is considered a gentleman’s game. But on Sunday the stadium witnessed some insane joy as thousands of fans were simply in an irrepressible mood. It wasn’t just natives, but fans across the globe were seen making beelines near the entry gates. Though the Pakistani supporters were fewer compared to their counterparts, their drums and trumpets were loud enough to equal their rivals. The overwhelming spirits of the fans outweighed the performance of the Indian Cricket team and at the end fans of both the teams were seen celebrating together.  (145 words)