Letter Writing: Model Letter 4

Letter Writing Model 4

Write a Letter to your Senior thanking him for Career Advice

Dear Bhaiya,

Thank you very much for your precious advice for my career. On completion of my 10+2 Exam, I was totally on the horns of a dilemma whether to go for the exams conducted by Staff Selection Commission or for Bank Exams or for some other kinds of exams. Some were advising me to go for an IAS Exam while some other for the exams for defense; but it is you whose advice has dispelled all kinds of confusion. You have said it rightly that I will have to ask myself what kind of potential I possess for any particular career. In addition, you have also said that choosing a career option depends on the family background I have. I have pondered over each and every aspect of your advice and now I feel relaxed to have rested myself on a particular Career option and all my confusions are nowhere.

Now, I have decided to go for Bank Exams as these require only a simple Graduation Degree as an eligibility criterion. The preparation requires but sincere efforts, which I have. Plus, I have a keen interest in gaining knowledge relating to Finance, Trade and Commerce, which will help me find my career in the Banking Sector. For this, I have decided to opt B.Com. Apart from all this, I will feel proud to be contributing a little to the economic uplift of the nation as Banks are the backbone of the economy of any country.

Thank you again for your wonderful piece of advice!

Lovingly yours,