Model Essay – Can India Achieve a 5 Trillion Dollar Economy by 2024? | Descriptive English

Sample Essay: Can India Achieve a 5 Trillion Dollar Economy by 2024?


India’s goal of becoming a 5 trillion-dollar economy by 2024 is ambitious but faces challenges. While India has shown impressive growth, reaching this milestone in such a short time poses significant obstacles. 


India possesses a large young population that can drive productivity and innovation. Government initiatives like Make in India, Digital India, and Skill India aim to attract investment, create jobs, and boost productivity. The services sector, including IT and software development, contributes significantly to India’s GDP. Reforms like GST and IBC streamline business processes and promote ease of doing business.

However, challenges remain. Infrastructure deficiencies, bureaucratic red tape, and regulatory complexities must be addressed. The agriculture sector needs reforms to enhance productivity and income levels.


Achieving a 5 trillion-dollar economy by 2024 is a formidable challenge for India. Nevertheless, with sustained efforts, policy reforms, and targeted investments, India can strive towards this goal. Collaboration between the government, industry leaders, and policymakers is crucial to overcome obstacles and ensure inclusive and sustainable economic growth. Even if the target is not met by 2024, the path to progress will lead to a stronger and more resilient Indian economy in the future.