Most Probable / Important Essay Writing Topics for RBI Grade B 2022 | Descriptive English

RBI Grade B Important Essay Topics

Dear Aspirant,

RBI Grade B Exam is one of the most prestigious exams in India. Its preparation requires a lot of labour, perseverance, and a keen insight into various events going on in and around the country in all spheres of life.

Bankwhizz has issued some highly important Essay Topics for better preparation for the Descriptive Paper English Exam. Please, don’t take this paper for granted as it keeps a lot of weightage in your final selection; hence, throw yourself into preparing for this paper right from now so as to fix one seat for yourself.

Please, mark the following:

  1. The Descriptive Paper English Exam comprises three Sections:
  2. Essay of about 300 words (However, word limit may differ) – 40 marks
  3. Precis of about 170 words (30 marks)
  4. Comprehension – 5 questions (30 marks)
  5. Time – 90 Minutes
  6. Full Marks – 100

Now, start writing on the following Essay Topics. You had better prepare on a virtual platform under the guidance of some expert. Bankwhizz provides you with such a platform where you get a holistic approach to its preparation.

  1. Online Examinations and hacking
  2. Artificial Intelligence: Requirements and Challenges
  3. India is projected to be the world’s third-largest economy. Give your views.
  4. Write your views about Surrogate Advertising and awareness about it. Does it help to promote the core product itself in the Indian context?
  5. A record increase in Unicorns will make India a 5 trillion dollar economy by 2030. Give you views.
  6. How Angel Investors can give a boost to the start-up ecosystem in India?
  7. How can the Interlinking of Rivers quench the thirst of the Indian lands?
  8. Advantages and Disadvantages of increasing the legal marriage of girls from 18 to21.
  9. Contribution of Renewable Energy to sustainable development in India.
  10. Drug Trafficking and its impact on India.
  11. Cryptocurrency: A Mine of Controversies.
  12. How is the campaign ‘Vocal for Local’ boosting India’s economy?
  13. Privatization of Banks: Advantages and Disadvantages
  14. The Indian Culture is turning out to be global. Explain.
  15. Nationalist Feeling is helping India grow.
  16. India as a space power.
  17. Handling Fake News
  18. Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media
  19. Digital India Mission has accelerated the overall growth of India. Explain.
  20. How has Modern Technology made life easier?
  21. Digital Campaign: Political Leaders and Voters
  22. Indian Farming and Value Addition
  23. Ayushman Bharat and Digital Mission
  24. India’s self-reliance in the defense sector
  25. Environment and sustainable development
  26. How can e-governance enable good governance?
  27. Restoration and Preservation of Indian Monuments
  28. Solar Energy: A way ahead
  29. Online Gaming: Entertainment and Challenges
  30. Women Empowerment and their Rights

You should also prepare on the following topics:

  1. Property Card Scheme is a landmark in making India Self-reliant. Do you agree?
  2. RBI and Its Roles
  3. How do FDIs and FIIs play a crucial role for Economic Growth?
  4. Reviving the Indian Economy
  5. Measures to liquidate Cheat Funds
  6. Role of Social Media
  7. Making Media impartial
  8. Digital Technology in India
  9. Scope of 5G Technology in India
  10. Higher Education: Issues and Challenges
  11. Value of Vote in Democracy
  12. New Education Policy
  13. Virtual Learning/E-learning/ Online Education: Opportunities and Challenges
  14. Stress Among the Youth
  15. Health and Wealth or Money is Wealth
  16. The Importance of Communication Skills for Success in life.
  17. Should Digitalization and Internet be right or luxury?
  18. Increasing number of people living in Old Age homes. Different opinions between elders and young ones.
  19. Underemployment or Unemployment: which is worse?
  20. Ensuring Employments to All
  1. Financial Literacy
  2. Ensuring Access to Online Education to All
  3. Future of Virtual Currency- scope in India
  4. Vocal for Local – Will this idea satisfies the Indian market?
  5. Women Entrepreneurship in India
  6. Artificial Intelligence – the pros and cons
  7. Is India ready for Cyber security challenges?
  8. Discuss the Socio-economic impact owing to COVID-19
  9. Lockdown: boon or bane
  10. Sustainable Development amid COVID-19
  11. Virtual meetings and their challenges
  12. Biased Media is a real threat to India. Do you agree?
  13. Challenges of Inclusive Growth during the Pandemic
  14. Role of MSMEs in reviving the Indian Economy after the Pandemic
  15. Universal Health Coverage in India: Challenges
  16. Towards 5 Trillion Dollar Economy: Is it a reality or a myth?
  17. Role of Micro Finance Organizations in Rural Development
  18. Unorganized sector in India – a big barrier on the way to Fast Economic Growth
  19. Role of WHO during the Pandemic
  20. Challenges of conduction of nationwide examinations during the pandemic
  21. Doubling Farmers’ Income by 2022: A Dream or Reality. Give your views keeping in mind the widespread of the Pandemic