How to score maximum in NABARD Phase 2 exam

How to attempt maximum score

Friend, keep in mind the following points:

  1. Have a set of most important questions on ESI and ARD. Along with these papers, you must have a collection of the most probable essay topics, which Bankwhizz has already provided.

2. Start answering the questions collected via various means. While framing answers, take help from your mentors or seniors.

3. Please, don’t keep exploring the answers to the questions only; you should keep practicing on those answers as well.

4. You are suggested that you should avoid practicing on ‘Note Pad’ or ‘MS-word’. Practise writing on such a platform that bears a similar descriptive exam interface, which has its timer and word-counter.

5. Stay in touch with some mentors for the preparation. The mentor will keep telling you of the scopes for improvement. He will evaluate the answers that you frame.

In this way friend, you can fetch maximum marks for sure. Bankwhizz provides you with exclusive study notes as well as an exclusive exam interface for remarkable improvement. Visit and attempt one descriptive mock with its exclusive and timely evaluation not in days but in hours.

Wish you all the best!