NABARD Mains – how to score maximum

nabard main descriptive paper preparation

Dear Aspirant,

I Hope, you have poured your heart into the preparation for the second phase of the NABARD exam. As you know, the exam structure of this phase has changed. The weightage of the Descriptive Papers ESI, ARD, and English is 75%. You can imagine how important these papers are. Friend, out of 200 marks, 150 marks have been allotted to these descriptive papers. So, friend, you can guess how sincerely you should take these papers for final selection. Taking these papers for granted means taking unwelcomed risks.

Friend, the preparation of the first phase is entirely based on the Objective Type pattern. It is close-ended in nature; nothing is predictable; however much you may have learnt from various sources, you do not feel confident which kind of questions are going to be asked and so the objective type preparation is tough enough. Its preparation has no end at all. The more you study, the less it is. But, friend, you need to get through the first phase to enter the second phase. As you have entered the second phase, the real competition takes place. Further, this is a scoring phase; the more you fetch marks, the more chances are there for final selection.

Friend, the second phase is dominated by the descriptive papers, which are open-ended in nature. You can guess what is going to be asked. Just collect the previous-year-old questions which were asked when the exam used to take place in pen and paper mode. Make answers only to the relevant questions. Please, take help from your mentors.

Friend, the descriptive mode of the exam has the potential to fetch you the required marks for final selection. It being open-ended in nature, you can write and fetch marks even if a little deflection takes place while dealing with the given answers, and so, the chances of fetching maximum marks in this phase are the highest. Thus, friend, there is no denying the fact that the quantity of energy that you put in the preparation determines whether you are going to get through this phase or not. Hence, never take any risk; never take this phase for granted.