NABARD Grade A – 2020 Most Probable Interview Questions

NABARD Interview Questions

Dear Aspirant,

Don’t take Interview for granted as this is the final phase that you have to crack for sure. Keep iron determination along with consistent effort for the purpose. Any laxity may mar all your efforts and nobody knows when you will get the similar kind of opportunities in future.

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The following are the most probable questions for the Interview. Make answers to all the questions given in your own words in black and white and then practice under the tutelage of some experts.

Get, set, go!

Personal Questions

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Describe briefly about your Academic Career with Higher Secondary onward.
  3. Name the University you have done your Graduation from.
  4. What is your Hobby?
  5. What are your three strong points?
  6. What are your three weak points?
  7. What is your greatest Achievement so far?
  8. What has been your greatest failure so far?
  9. Why do you want to join NABARD?
  10. Why do you think you can feel most satisfied with NABARD?
  11. Are you afraid of shouldering responsibilities?
  12. How do you look at new opportunities?
  13. What do you think to be the most important thing about the job you want to join?
  14. Do you think you are the most intelligent candidate among all those who are here?
  15. Do you feel nervous when you are under the pressure of work?
  16. How are you feeling at present?
  17. How will you describe yourself to others?
  18. How will you like to see in five years’ time?
  19. Do you decide all your important matters yourself?
  20. With what sort of people you want to get along with?
  21. What sort of people seems difficult for you to deal with?
  22. What is your method of motivating others to do work?
  23. Tell us something about the place you live in.
  24. Is the place famous for something especial?
  25. Do you possess leadership quality if yes, cite some examples?
  26. How will you prove yourself working in the organization?
  27. What are your hobbies?
  28. Will the subjects that you studied in the course of doing Graduation be of any help in NABARD, if yes then how?
  29. Have you appeared at any other interview before?
  30. Suppose you were not selected, what would you do?
  31. Do you have any job in your hand?
  32. Why do you want to change your present job to join NABARD?
  33. How will your work experience contribute to NABARD?
  34. Why do you want to join NABARD? How do you find yourself suitable for the job profile of NABARD?
  35. How is your education going to help NABARD?

Questions based on your know-how

  1. What is NABARD?
  2. What is the full form of NABARD?
  3. Tell something more about NABARD?
  4. What are the objectives of NABARD?
  5. What are the functions of NABARD?
  6. Where is the Headquarters of NABARD?
  7. Who is the Chairperson of NABARD?
  8. When was NABARD founded and why?
  9. What are the subsidiaries of NABARD?
  10. Will you feel at ease in working with NABARD as it is rural based organization working for the uplift of the rural areas?
  11. How do you see people living in rural areas?
  12. What are the basic needs that the Indian villages are deprived of?
  13. How does NABARD work for uplift of the rural areas?
  14. Suggest measures to promote organic farming in India?
  15. What are the challenges of Organic Farming in India?
  16. Can farmers’ income double by 2022?
  17. Tell something about the New Agriculture Act-2020?
  18. What is APMC Act?
  19. Why are the farmers of some states raising their hands against this act?
  20. Is NABARD a government bank?
  21. What is NABARD Loan?
  22. Is NABARD under RBI?
  23. Which banks come under NABARD?
  24. Does NABARD give direct loans?
  25. Does NABARD accept public deposits?
  26. How many regional offices does NABARD have?
  27. Is NABARD active in developing Financial Inclusion Policy?
  28. What are the rural development schemes?
  29. What is Property-card? How will it help villagers to be self-reliant?
  30. The nationwide lockdown could not impact the rural economy more? How?
  31. How will the agriculture sector help India to be a 5 trillion dollar economy by 2024?
  32. What is soil-health card? How does it function?
  33. Can GM seeds eliminate hunger in India?
  34. What are the adverse effects of GM seeds?
  35. How can AI (Artificial Intelligence) contribute considerably to the Agriculture Sector in India?
  36. Can loan waivers stop the suicide cases of farmers?
  37. What is Self-reliant India (Atma-nirbhar Bharat)?
  38. What is the role of technology in agriculture?
  39. What is Zero budget Natural Farming (ZBNF)?
  40. Could you explain what Rationalization of food is all about?
  41. Is India ready for Contract Farming? If yes, how?
  42. How can NABARD contribute more to MSME Sector?
  43. What is APMC and e-NAM?
  44. How many e-NAMs are there in India?
  45. What is the present scenario of APMC?
  46. Can promotion of Contract Farming feed the vast population of India?
  47. What are the challenges on the way to Contract Farming in India?
  48. What are the challenges before the Indian Agriculture?
  49. What is ‘Vocal for Local’? Is it feasible when the Indian market is open to foreign investments?
  50. Why is Rural Development necessary? What measures will suggest for holistic growth of the Rural Economy?