NPS Trust Officer Grade B 2021- Most Important / Probable Essay Topics

NPS Important Essay Topics

Dear NPS Aspirant,

Now that you are preparing for the second phase of NPS Grade B exam, you are required to make proper strategy for the second phase of the first paper, which is the Descriptive English Paper. Bankwhizz is specialized in this Paper regularly providing you with most probable essay and letter topics for all regulatory body and other exams. As you know, the descriptive English Test as shown in NPS Grade B Paper-I phase – 2 exam, it will carry 100 marks for three sections:

  1. Essay
  2. Letter &
  3. Précis

The time allotted for this paper is 60 minutes. This paper has a very common pattern and what you need to do is to practice on some selected essay and letter topics along with precis to crack the exam finally.

The following essay topics are highly recommended for this exam:

  1. What are the pension challenges and opportunities?
  2. How is the Pension System a security for elderly people?
  3. Privatization and Voluntary Retirement Scheme
  4. Should NPS be scrapped?
  5. EPF vs NPS

You should prepare on common essay topics, which are-

  1. Indian Economy after COVID-19 pandemic
  2. Fake News and how to handle it
  3. Indian Tourism after the COVID-19 Pandemic
  4. Pros and Cons of Acquisition and Merger
  5. Privatization of PSUs
  6. Contribution to AI to Education Sector
  7. Online Vs. Offline Education
  8. Handling Bad Banks
  9. Sustainable Development and its Challenges
  10. House to All
  11. Reviving the Indian Economy
  12. Role of Social Media
  13. Making Media impartial
  14. Digital Technology in India
  15. Scope of 5G Technology in India
  16. Increasing number of people living in Old Age homes. Different opinions between elders and young ones.
  17. Future of Virtual Currency- scope in India
  18. Vocal for Local – Will this idea satisfies the Indian market?
  19. Is lockdown the only solution to containing the COVID-19 virus?
  20. Sustainable Development amid COVID-19
  21. Virtual meetings and its challenges
  22. Biased Media is a real threat to India. Do you agree?
  23. Challenges of Inclusive Growth during the Pandemic
  24. Role of MSMEs in reviving the Indian Economy after the Pandemic
  25. Universal Health Coverage in India: Challenges
  26. Role of Micro Finance Organizations in Rural Development
  27. Unorganized sector in India – a big barrier on the way to Fast Economic Growth
  28. Challenges of conduction of nationwide examinations during the pandemic