Objective English | Sentence Improvement | Quiz 23 | for RRB, SEBI, SBI, IBPS, IRDA, NABARD, RBI & Other Bank Exams

objective english quiz


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1.   The baby’s face is similar than its mother.


2. I have known him from time immemorial.


3. I know whether go there or stay back here.


4. Patience along with due alacrity leads to succeed.


5. He did not take up the project because he was fearful to fail.


6. Stocks worthy of rupees one lakh were destroyed in the fire which occurred last night.


7. The government’s focus on achieving growth not to control inflation.


8. The Manager produced evidenced to bear out his case against shyam.


9. If you came across my umbrella anywhere, bring it to me, can you?


10. Can you tell me what time is it.