SBI PO 2021 – Most Important / Probable Essay Writing Topics

SBI PO most important essay topics

Dear Aspirant of SBI, there is an English proverb, ‘An early bird always catches the worm’. The earlier you start preparing for the exam in a balanced way, the more chances are there for final selection. Never, commit a blunder of average aspirants, who think that they should first of all focus on the first phase of the examination. If their result is positive, then they should focus on the next phase. But, they get less time than required for sound preparation and fail to get at the final destination. So, rather focus on all the phases equally as only the winner is valued. 

Keep it in mind, ‘Jo jeeta wahi sikandar’. So, try to be a Sikandar. Bankwizz is providing you with some highly important essay topics on which you should prepare properly. You’ll get the model answers to these essays in our paid courses along with descriptive English mocks available with evaluations by our experts within the least possible time so that you can analyse your answers properly before your curiosity of knowing the results cools down. 

Now, note down the essay topics which are most likely to be asked in the examination. 

  1. ‘Pros and Cons of Lockdown’
  2. Prevention is better than cure
  3. Should schools be opened under some strict COVID-19 guidelines
  4. Availing Online Education to all and its challenges on its way
  5. How to bring back normalcy in economy among the general public
  6. Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on Tourism Industry
  7. Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on Real Estate Business
  8. Scope of 5G technology in India
  9. Handling depression among the masses owing to Covid-19 pandemic
  10. Ensuring employments after the lockdown
  11. COVID-19 is marring children’s future
  12. World’s largest COVID-19 vaccination programme
  13. Handling depression among the masses
  14. Challenges of conducting examinations during the pandemic
  15. Challenges of Inclusive growth in India
  16. The importance of Communication Skills for Success in life
  17. The importance of Team work in an organization
  18. The Importance of good decision making in an organization
  19. The Importance of Art and Culture in Life
  20. The plight of Old People in old age homes
  21. Handling Fake News
  22. Promotion of Electric vehicles
  23. Challenges on the way to digital India
  24. Role of Social Media
  25. House to All
  26. Universal Health Coverage in India
  27. Value of Vote in Indian Democracy
  28. Stress among the youth
  29. Acquisitions and Mergers of banks
  30. Privatisation of Banks and its ill effects on the masses
  31. Handling bad banks
  32. Disinvestment of PSUs
  33. Promoting UPIs among the masses: Their advantages and disadvantages
  34. Challenges before Nationalized Banks

These are some highly important topics, which may have some change in the use of wording; but all these essay topics will definitely prepare a firm ground on which you can deal with any kind of essay quite well in the actual exam. In case, you have any problem, please, feel free to get registered with for free. Our experts will try their best to help you write better. Different packages for Study notes and Descriptive Mocks are available with quality assistance with our experts. 

All the best!