SBI PO Descriptive English Probable Essay Topics


Bankwhizz Experts release the MOST PROBABLE ESSAY TOPICS for almost all bank and insurance exams, and the topics do hit. The following are the most important essay topics that you should prepare. We like to hear from you in case any doubt occurs. Just log in and use the provision ‘Ask Doubts from Experts’.

  1. Role of Bad Bank in relieving PSU banks of bad debts
  2. Bank frauds and measures to prevent these
  3. Whether privatization of banks is a boon or a bane
  4. Women Empowerment
  5. Ethical Problems of e-commerce
  6. Bank merger is necessary to make banks competent enough
  7. Women’s Security/Safety
  8. Over-dependence on Monsoon
  9. Role of uneducated people in Indian Economy
  10. Is the Generation Gap a Myth?
  11. Enslavement of man by technology
  12. Those who saved more, taxed more. Justify
  13. Benefits of Mutual Fund Investments
  14. The decreasing number of researches taken up by students
  15. Suggestions to alleviate the unemployment problem
  16. The contribution of unskilled labour in the Indian Economy
  17. Future of Banking industry
  18. Pros and cons of allowing 10-year old children to open accounts
  19. The relevance of Swadeshi in the globalized world
  20. There is no permanent friend or enemy in politics. Give examples from Indian politics.
  21. Wish you all the best!
  22. If I were a minister of the Banking industry
  23. Advantages of classroom education over distance learning
  24. The transformation caused in the workplace by information technology in the past two decades.
  25. Economic importance of tourism
  26. Future of Virtual Currencies and Indian standpoint on such currencies
  27. Banking Risk and Management
  28. Setting a personal financial goal early in life
  29. Advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce.
  30. Pros and cons of outsourcing of banking activities
  31. Mobile Technology-growing trend in Education space.
  32. How tourism affects religious pilgrimage?
  33. Role of Small & Payment Banks in Financial Inclusion?
  34. How could a Bankruptcy Code improve financial Inclusion?
  35. Inclusive Growth
  36. Effect of environment and a person’s genes on the development of his personality traits
  37. Travelling is better than watching movies and documentary
  38. Effect of social media and its consequences on our population.
  39. Financial planning
  40. Mutual fund and insurance comparison
  41. Does India need a universal Health Coverage System?
  42. What is Fake news? How can it be identified? Suggest measures to prevent such news.
  43. Many magazines have stopped printing a physical copy and switched to the Digital Mode due to the lack of readership.
  44. In many schools and colleges, students are given many projects and assignments related to the project although there is no research paper published as compared to the number of teachers and students. Write your views point.
  45. Investment in the share market. Whether it is a reward or risk.
  46. Write an essay on ‘Swacch Bharat Campaign’
  47. Spreading awareness about spending excess money on weddings.
  48. National pension scheme
  49. Time management in professional life
  50. Impact of e-commerce on traditional business.
  51. Scope of 5G Technology in India