Sample / Model Letter Writing for SBI PO 2022

SBI PO letter writing

Hello Friends,

Hope everything is going fine with your studies. Descriptive Paper is never tough provided done with a little effort. It may turn out to be highly interesting.

Every Banking Aspirant gains varied kinds of knowledge either through magazines, through newspapers or through some other means. They have numerous Objective Type materials to get qualified in the Banking Preliminary Examinations. But, as they qualify in the Prelims, they rush out for Descriptive Type Materials in a very less span of time. Even if they have managed some materials, the materials are either lengthy or not easy-to-grasp and thus their chances of getting qualified for the Interview become bleak.

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The following is a Letter asked in an Examination conducted by IBPS PO. Let’s have a brief Review on it:

Letter Type: Informal

Topic: A Letter to your Friend inviting him to the Marriage Ceremony of your Sister.


This is an informal letter and so write it as naturally as if you were talking to him.

Before you write this letter, keep in mind that the purpose of writing this letter is to invite your friend; hence, mention only such things that will compel him to attend the marriage ceremony. Keep in mind the following points which you should write in the letter:

  1.  Arouse the emotion of your friend by reminding him/her of the days that you all enjoyed together. Better, use the nickname of your sister if any.
  2. Mention the date and the day of the year of the marriage.
  3. Invite him a week ahead or as per his convenience.
  4. Provide him/her with the details of the Programme.
  5. Don’t forget giving salutation to his parents and siblings.
  6. Finally end the letter saying, ‘Looking forward to your coming with your parents and siblings’. And then write: ‘Sincerely yours’ and affix your signature.

Now your letter is over. 

The Letter at a glance

Address: XXXX

Date: XXXX

My Dearest Rohit,

You will be glad to know that Ranjana (my sister) whom we lovingly call Ranju is going to be tied with the nuptial knot on …….. The marriage will take place in the town itself. You are cordially invited to attend the marriage festivities. This is just advance information. I have attached with the letter a Wedding Card mentioning the details of all the programmes of the marriage.

All arrangements would be made to make your stay comfortable. It would be our pleasure to have you all Uncle, Aunt and Rucha with us.

My regards to everyone in the family

Looking forward to your presence,

 Sincerely yours,