SEBI Grade A 2022 Descriptive English pattern and Strategy

SEBI 2022 Tips and Strategies

As you know that the notification for the SEBI Grade A recruitment has already come out, and what you need to do is to put double efforts to prepare for the exam. The syllabus is vast and without a proper strategy, it will be rather difficult to accomplish it till the exam. Never take any paper for granted. Spare fixed time for all the papers dedicatedly, whether the papers belong to the first phase or the second phase of the exam.

As far as the descriptive English test of the second phase is concerned, though it is the later stage, yet it is necessary for you to keep up with this paper. The descriptive English paper requires a lot of skills; it is an art and so, the drafting skills cannot be developed overnight. Read, analyze and take down what you have grasped in black and white on a virtual platform so that no topic may remain untouched in the actual exam.

Spare at least one hour for newspaper or relevant magazine reading, and select only the relevant topics for the purpose. Keep the topics in front and gather information about those before you write on them. Don’t forget to collect facts and figures bullet-wise. This will definitely help you a lot to hone your drafting skills, and till the exam, you will become fully convenient with these skills.

Drafting skills require sound knowledge and grammar. The Descriptive English Test comprises three sections-Essay, Précis, and Reading Comprehension.

You’ll get 1 hour’s time for these three sections comprising 100 marks. This paper being open-ended in nature can play a very crucial role in selection.

The Essay and the Précis Sections carry 30 marks, while the Comprehension Section has 40 marks. The essay is to be written in 200 words and précis in around 170 words. There will be 5 questions set as against the given passage. Each question in this way will carry 8 marks. Each answer of your should consist of around 100 words.

There will be four essay topics based on current news on science and technology and social and economic affairs. You’ll find yourself updated if you are a regular visitor of this channel and the site.

Now, the question arises of how you can make an effective strategy for a better score in the descriptive English Test.

  1. Collect the previously asked Essay Topics, and collect the most probable Essay Topics.
  2. Never waste time in hunting for articles; just go through Model Essays on current issues on an online platform fully specialized for the concerned exam.
  3. Choose a virtual platform for continuous practice on all the three sections
  4. Never take any chance. Opportunity knocks very softly. You’d better subscribe to the Descriptive English Paper Mocks from a fully specialized platform like ours.
  5. Please, get your answers evaluated in a 360 degree by some experts who will continuously keep pin-pointing on your weak areas for necessary improvement for better marks.

Bankwhizz provides you with all the above. Prepare yourself fully before the countdown of the actual exam starts.

All the best!