SEBI Grade A English Preparation Error Detection

SEBI Grade A English Preparation

Dear SEBI Grade A Aspirant,

As the examination for Phase-I is coming closer, you need to accelerate the pace of your preparation. The following covers the Section on Error Detection comprising eight problems with proper solution:-

  1. The free laptop and cycles schemes (A) / for students studying (B) / in government schools and other educational institutions (C) / should not be discontinued. (D) / No error (E)
  2. Those who are looking to visit (A) / hill stations in the state (B) / no longer needs to obtain (C) / prior permission by applying for e-passes. / (D) / No error (E)
  3. The recent concluded third annual (A) / United States-India 2+2 ministerial (B) / dialogue has amplified the ongoing (C) / conversation in India. (D) / No error (E)
  4. “The US will stand with the people of India (A) / as they face threats (B) / to their sovereignty and their liberty,” Mr. Pompeo said hinting (C) / at the ongoing tense scenario in eastern Ladakh. (D) / No error (E)
  5. The court has convicted (A) / all the four offenders (B) / with the same charge (C) / of raping and murdering a 39-year-old woman. (D) / No error (E)
  6. The Mumbai police investigated (A) / into the case (B) / and found that the film star (C) / had been murdered. (D) / No error (E)
  7. The letter that Mr. Swami had received (A) / a day ago (B) / indicated that he was not eligible for (C) / the post as he was visually impaired. (D) / No error (E)
  8. She submitted a letter (A) / to the State Commissioner for (B) / persons of disabilities, (C) / asking for action to be initiated. (D) / No error (E)


  1. (E) There is no error.
  2. (C) ‘needs’ should be replaced with ‘need’ as the Subject (Those) is plural
  3.  (A) Write ‘The recently concluded..’ instead as the Verb ‘concluded’ must be modified by an Adverb.
  4. (C) Write ‘said Mr. Pompeo…’ instead. If the Reporting Clause is used at the end comprising a Noun as a Subject, it must be inverted (Verb + Subject).
  5. (C) Replace ‘with’ with ‘of’ as the word ‘convict’ takes the preposition ‘of’.
  6. (B) Remove ‘into’ as ‘investigate’ does not take any preposition.
  7. (A) Remove ‘had’ as the sentence must be in Simple Past Tense. (Indicator – a day ago)
  8. (C) Write ‘with’ instead of ‘of’

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