SEBI / RBI Essay on Issues of Higher Education

SEBI RBI Essay on Issues of Higher Education in India

The institutional framework of higher education in India consists of Universities and Colleges. As reported in 2015, India has 760 universities and 38,498 colleges. There is growth in the number of colleges, universities, students, and teachers year after year.

Different students apply for different courses. There are over 14,000,0000 students apply for graduate courses all over the country. For postgraduate there are over 20490000 students get enrolled. For research around 1370000 and for diploma over 1710000 students were enrolled in the year 2014.

Budget 2020 has increased the allocation for the education sector by 5 percent to Rs 99,311.52 crore in FY21. Of this, the department of higher education has been allocated Rs 39,466.52 crore while the school education and literacy department was given Rs 59,845 crore.

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