SEBI, RBI Essay on Role of FDIs and FIIs in Economic Growth

SEBI RBI Essay on Role of FDIs and FIIs in Indian Economy

How do FDIs and FIIs play a crucial role for Economic Growth?

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FDIs (Foreign Direct Investments/Investors) and FIIs (Foreign Institutional Investments/Investors) became highly popular when the Indian Economy became liberal in the year 1990-91.

Suppose that you had a big piece of land for cultivation and you had decided to cultivate the land yourself. But you don’t have any tool to dig the land and harvest the crop. Neither do you have any means to fetch water to irrigate your land. Just imagine, despite owning a land, will you be able to exploit your land? Obviously not…But if you have at least that amount of money that help you fulfil the basic needs for cultivation, you can do cultivation and earn money. Hence, the notion ‘No input no output’ is correct. FDIs and FIIs are the two means which help a country in need exploit the resources it owns.

Now, let’s try writing an essay on the given topic. Just supply answers to the following questions to form an effective essay on it:

  1. Introduction
    1. What are FDIs and FIIs?
    1. Body
      1. What is the history of FDIs and FIIs?
      1. What is the objective of FDIs and FIIs?
      1. When did FDIs and FIIs make an entry into India?
      1. What is the scope of FDIs and FIIs in India?
      1. What is the role of FDIs and FIIs?
    1. Conclusion

Know-how Foreign investment plays a very important role in the long-term development of a country not only as a source of capital but also for enhancing the competitiveness of the domestic economy through the transfer of technology,……for more click here