Descriptive English Essay on Role of Credit Rating Agencies for quality uplift of companies

SEBI Grade A Essay Writing

Credit Rating Agencies and their Roles for Quality uplift of Companies

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Please, supply answers to the following questions:


  1. What are Credit Rating Agencies?
    1. Name Global CRAs?
    1. When did CRA start?
    1. Mention the CRAs of India?


  1. Why are CRAs necessary?
  2. What are the scopes of CRAs in India?
  3. What are the roles of CRAs in India?



What is CRA?

A credit rating agency (CRA) evaluates and assesses an individual’s or a company’s creditworthiness. That is, these agenciesconsider a debtor’s income and credit lines to analyse the debtor’s ability to repay the debt or if there is any credit risk associated.

How do CRA work? A credit rating agency is a private company whose purpose is to assess the ability of borrowers, either governments or private enterprises…..for more, click here