SIDBI Grade A – 2022 Descriptive English Most Probable Essay Topics on finance, banking and social issues

essay topics for sidbi exam descriptive english

Essay Topics on Finance

  1. India’s own Digital Currency – A way ahead
  2. How Digitalization can make India a 5 trillion dollar economy?
  3. Banks and Financial Literacy
  4. Empowering women through micro finance in India
  5. Green finance: An approach towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  6. Accelerating Finance to help India achieve its renewable energy goal
  7. Impact of Sustainable Finance on MSMEs and other companies to promote Green Growth and Sustainable Development.
  8. Sustainable Gig Economy towards GDP growth of India through ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’
  9. Financial literacy of women in India will strengthen India’s economy further
  10. Green Finance: A sustainable solution to the umpteen problems of the nation
  11. Environmental sustainability and agenda 2030

Essay Topics related to Economic Issues

  1. A record increase in Unicorns will make India a 5 trillion dollar economy by 2030. Give your views.
  2. Crypto currencies: A mine of controversies
  3. Privatization of Banks: Advantages and Disadvantages
  4. SIDBI’s role in inclusive growth in India
  5. Indian startups are shaping India’s economy. Explain.
  6. Current challenges on the way to becoming a 5 trillion dollar economy
  7. Can economic development and environmental sustainability promote renewable energy consumption India? Explain.
  8. Prospects of micro, small and medium enterprises for inclusive economic growth in India
  9. Economic Planning in India: Did we throw the Baby out with the bathwater?
  10. Vocal for Local
  11. Can economic development and economic sustainability go side by side? Explain.
  12. Atmanirbhar Bharat
  13. Economic Factors and Foreign Direct Investment in India
  14. Digital India
  15. Artificial Intelligence and economic growth

Essay topics relating to Social Issues

  1. Women’s entrepreneurship and culture
  2. Raising legal marriage age for girls: Advantages and Disadvantages
  3. Challenges of Internal Security
  4. Drug Trafficking and threats
  5. Target Killing: A new face of Terrorism
  6. Mental Health and its Impacts on Working Culture
  7. Uniform Civil Code is the need of the hour
  8. Clean India Mission
  9. Social Media: Advantages and Disadvantages

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