Essay Topics asked Previously from 2004 to 2012 – RBI Grade B Exam | Phase 2 Mains | Descriptive English

Essay topics asked previously 2014 - 2022

RBI Grade B is a competitive exam conducted by the Reserve Bank of India for recruiting officers in various departments. The exam consists of three phases, and one of them is a descriptive paper where candidates have to write essays on various topics. In this article, we will discuss the essay topics asked in RBI Grade B Phase 2 from the year 2004 to 2022.

Probable / Important Essay Writing Topics for RBI Grade B 2023

Important Essay Writing Topics

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is a central banking institution responsible for regulating and supervising the Indian banking sector. It plays a critical role in maintaining financial stability and promoting economic growth in India. Aspiring RBI Grade B candidates need to have a good understanding of various economic and financial issues relevant to the Indian economy. The following are some probable essay writing topics for RBI Grade B 2023:

How to Write an Effective Essay for RBI Grade B Exam

The first step in writing an effective essay is to understand the topic that has been given to you. Make sure you read the topic carefully and understand what is being asked of you. If there are any keywords or phrases that are unfamiliar to you, look them up in a dictionary or on the internet. Once you have a clear understanding of the topic, you can start brainstorming and organizing your thoughts.

Mastering Descriptive English for RBI Grade B 2023: Tips and Strategies

The first step towards mastering descriptive English is to understand the syllabus. As per the official notification, the descriptive English section will have three components – Essay, Precis, and RC. The essay will carry 40 marks and needs to be written within 300 words. The precis will carry 30 marks and needs to be written within 140 words. The RC will carry 30 marks, and there will be five questions based on it.

How to Score Well in RBI Grade B 2023 Descriptive English: A Comprehensive Guide

Descriptive English for RBI Grade B 2023

On the other hand, poor rankers struggle with their writing skills, time management, and clarity of thought. They do not practice writing regularly, which affects their understanding of the pattern and format of the questions. They also struggle with time management, which results in incomplete or rushed answers. Their lack of clarity of thought and expression affects their overall score.