Common Mistakes to Avoid in Precis Writing

Introduction to Precis Writing Mistakes

Precis writing is a valuable skill that requires careful attention to detail and precise communication. However, many candidates often make avoidable mistakes that can impact the quality of their summaries. This study guide highlights some of the most common mistakes to avoid in precis writing, helping candidates improve their summarization abilities and achieve better results.

Common Mistakes in Precis Writing

  1. Ignoring the Central Theme: Failing to identify and focus on the central theme of the passage can lead to an inaccurate and unfocused precis.
  1. Inaccurate Summary: Not accurately reflecting the main ideas and arguments presented in the original passage can result in a flawed precis.
  1. Wordiness and Repetition: Using excessive words or repeating points can make the precis lengthy and less effective in conveying the core message.
  1. Overlooking Tone and Style: Neglecting to match the tone and style of the original passage can affect the coherence and overall impact of the precis.
  1. Including Personal Opinions: Adding personal opinions or interpretations in the precis is inappropriate, as it should be an objective summary.
  1. Neglecting Grammar and Punctuation: Overlooking grammar and punctuation errors can diminish the clarity and professionalism of the precis.
  1. Exceeding the Word Limit: Writing beyond the specified word limit can lead to point deductions and indicate a lack of summarization skills.
  1. Plagiarism: Directly copying sentences or phrases from the original passage without proper attribution is unacceptable and can result in severe consequences.

Tips to Avoid Mistakes

  1. Thoroughly Comprehend the Passage: Ensure a clear understanding of the passage to identify the main ideas and central theme accurately.
  1. Focus on Clarity and Conciseness: Use clear and concise language to convey the main ideas effectively without unnecessary wordiness.
  1. Practice Regularly: Regular practice in precis writing can help you avoid common mistakes and improve your summarization skills.
  1. Edit and Revise: Always review and revise your precis to correct errors and ensure coherence and accuracy.
  1. Stick to the Word Limit: Be mindful of the word limit and practice condensing information effectively to meet the specified requirement.
  1. Maintain Objectivity: Maintain an objective approach while summarizing, avoiding personal opinions or biases.


Avoiding common mistakes in precis writing is crucial for creating accurate and impactful summaries. By paying attention to the central theme, tone, word limit, and grammar, candidates can produce high-quality precis that effectively convey the main ideas of the original passage. Regular practice, along with careful editing and revision, will help candidates refine their precis writing skills and achieve better results in academic and competitive exams.