Essay for SEBI, NABARD, RBI on Elderly inclusive Society

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Essay topic:-

  • Building an elderly inclusive society is very advantageous. Explain.’

This essay requires the answers to the questions:

  • What is an elderly inclusive society?
  • What is the social mindset as regards elderly people?
  • What are the facts and figures regarding the elderly people of India?
  • How can the elderly be a part of society?
  • What are the challenges before the building of an elderly inclusive society?

Giving answers to all these, give you a conclusion. Your quality and so the marks-fetching essay is all ready.


The topic implies that elderly people should be integrated into the lives of communities. It can make a huge contribution to improving the social setup.

If you supply a relevant quote to this essay, it will be better.

There is a popular Sanskrit Shloka:

Abhiwadanshilashya nityam vridhopsewinah

Chatwari tasya vardhante ayurvidya yasho balam.

This shloka motivates people to include elderly people in society. It implies that greeting and serving elderly people increases four things – age, education, fame, and strength. This shloka is to be spread out to all for the inclusion of the elderly.

Give answers to the rest of the questions given at the outset, and your effective essay on the given topic will be come ready.

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