GIC Descriptive English Questions asked on 29th Aug 2021

Previous Year Essays asked in GIC Exam

Dear Aspirant,

The GIC Asst. Manager Exam was held on August 29, 2021. Our expert team feels pleased to say that from our ‘Descriptive English Fodder Materials’ two essays out of four matched in the exam. The following are the questions asked:

Descriptive English Part –C (Shift – 1)

Essay Topics (10 Marks)

  1. What is meant by BPL (Below Poverty Line)? What are the criteria for labeling anyone as BPL? How is Poverty Line determined in India?
  2. Importance of Universal Human Values in Education
  3. Are Robotics and AI the future of workplaces?
  4. Women’s Economic Empowerment is crucial for achieving gender equality. Discuss.

Precise Writing (10 Marks) – 100 words

  1. How is the Global Supply chain recovering after the Global Pandemic?

Comprehension (10 Marks)

  • Big data Analysis (5 Questions)

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