Indian Agriculture : NABARD Grade A 2023 – ESI

NABARD Grade A ESI economic and social issue; chapter – Agriculture : Overview of Indian agriculture,

The chapter on “Agriculture: Overview of Indian Agriculture” is an important topic under the Economic and Social Issues (ESI) section of the NABARD Grade A exam. It covers the agriculture sector in India, its significance, and its challenges. Here is an overview of the topics covered in this chapter:

  1. Overview of Indian Agriculture: This section covers the importance of agriculture in the Indian economy, its contribution to employment and income generation, and its role in food security.
  2. Agricultural Production and Productivity: This section covers the trends in agricultural production and productivity in India, including the crops grown, the methods of cultivation, and the use of technology.
  3. Agricultural Marketing and Price Policy: This section covers the challenges in agricultural marketing, including issues related to storage, transportation, and market access. It also covers the various price policies implemented by the government to support farmers.
  4. Agricultural Credit: This section covers the importance of agricultural credit in promoting agricultural development, including the various sources of credit available to farmers and the challenges in accessing credit.
  5. Agricultural Extension: This section covers the role of agricultural extension services in disseminating knowledge and technology to farmers. It also covers the challenges in providing effective extension services.
  6. Agricultural Insurance: This section covers the importance of agricultural insurance in protecting farmers from production risks. It also covers the various types of insurance products available to farmers and the challenges in implementing an effective insurance system.

Candidates preparing for the NABARD Grade A exam should have a good understanding of these topics and their inter-relationships. They should be able to analyze the performance of the agriculture sector in India and suggest policy measures to address the challenges faced by farmers. Additionally, they should be aware of the various schemes and programs implemented by the government and NABARD to support agricultural development in India.