NABARD Grade A Descriptive English Informal Letter Format

NABARD GRADE A descriptive english

An Informal Letter is a letter in which no formalities are maintained. You’re free to use informal statements or words that you make while talking to the person you’re writing to, such as;

  • ‘Yaar’, ‘Damnit’ etc.

You can also use incomplete sentences such as;

  • Come next month. What’s your preparation to receive me cordially?
  • Father won’t give you a damn if you waste money like this.

You can use the informal name rather than the good one in such letters, such as;

  • Chitti instead of Kajal
  • Chhotu instead of Yash etc.

In fact, the main purpose of writing this letter is to cause the reader to feel the presence of the writer.

Notice the Informal letter format.

Address: XXXXX

Date: XXXX

Dear Father/Mother/Brother/Sister/Uncle/Friend….,

____________(You can use such statement(s) that you use while meeting him/her)_____


(One-line space)


Yours sincerely (for a friend)

Yours lovingly (for brother/sister/mother/father)


I Hope, you will have absolutely no problem writing an Informal Letter.

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