OBJECTIVE ENGLISH QUIZ 26 – Grammar for SBI, RRB, IBPS, RBI, SEBI, IRDA & Other Bank Exams


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1. Directions: In each sentence mentioned below, two confusing words, written in bold letters, have been mentioned. Choose the word which suits the sentence.


In ‘Diwali’, every Hindu considers it auspicious to do marketing/ shopping of some metallic items.


2. His refusal/ denial of marriage even at the age thirty five, made his mother sad.


3. The weather/ climate of Shimla does not suit her; so she decided to settle somewhere else.


4. The leader has decided to go amid the population/ populace to canvass for his party.


5. The team’s bad performance in the first two matches dashed its hopes/ wishes to reach the final/ finals.


6. When he approached his so-called bosom friend for some rupees/ money, he (the friend) refused him point blank.


7. Finding no space/ room on any of the berths in the compartment of the train, the tired passenger spread his towel on the floor and slept.


8. The closure/ closeness of all green grocery shops has forced people to eat other food items than vegetables.


9. His illness/ sickness throughout the season has made him weak enough.


10. The roads/ streets of Hazaribagh are not so clean as those of Giridih.