PFRDA Grade A Descriptive English – How does Bank Whizz prepare you

PFRDA Grade A Descriptive English

Dear PFRDA Aspirants,

Please, note why ‘Fodder Materials’ are important for quality preparation:

  1. You need not waste your precious time in tedious hunting for relevant materials from different sources (Offline and Online).
  2. There are many educational portals that attract the aspirant towards their myriad of materials though many of them are irrelevant and outdated. Here, you will find only relevant and updated materials, which dispel your confusion and provide easy and happy learning.
  3. The irrelevant and outdated materials are deleted on our end from time to time so that the confusion among the myriad materials may be lessened.

How do we prepare you for descriptive English in various Stages to obtain a 70%+ score in this section?

The Study Portal consists of three ‘Modules’ –

  1. Descriptive English Fodder Materials,
  2. Descriptive English Self-evaluation Mocks and
  3. Descriptive English Mocks with personalized evaluation from experts.

First Module (Descriptive English Fodder Materials)

This Module consists of the relevant materials for your examination. All the materials are updated from time to time and irrelevant and outdated ones are deleted to avoid any confusion about selection.

  1. Important Essay Topics

Our Expert Team very strenuously prepares the probable essay topics for the exam. The topics are updated till the exam (if there are any). This is the reason why our Essay Topics match with those asked in the actual exam(s).

  • Model Essays

You are required to write on the given essay in around 300 words for PFRDA Officer Grade A 2021. However, no of words and marks for the essay has not been referred to in the notification of PFRDA Officer Grade A 2021. In other regulatory body exams, the word-limit may vary as in the NABARD Grade A – 2020 Descriptive English Paper Exam. The Essay word limit was 400, which stunned all its aspirants. In fact, it becomes easier to write an essay in short if the preparation is of 400 or beyond 400 words. Keeping this in mind, the model essays provided in the fodder materials comprise around 400 words so as to fill in you enough confidence to deal with any essay irrespective of the word limit.

  • Important Articles

It is a well-known fact that the more you possess knowledge the more effectively you can write on the given essay. The Articles provided in the ‘Fodder Materials’ are all up-to-date containing relevant data. You need to go through these regularly.

  • Dot-connecting based essays

It is generally noticed that even if the aspirants have a large amount of data and facts on the given essay, they fail to frame the essay within the given time and word-limit. It is the ‘Dot-connecting method’ which tells you how to frame your essay in an effective way.

  • Video lectures

Though Descriptive English Paper is fully based on practice on a similar interface for mocks, yet video lectures may prove fruitful in coming to know of the strategy, tips and tricks to handle the paper quite conveniently. The lectures comprise Model Essays, Precis and Comprehension with tips.

  • Fundamentals of Essay, Precis Writing, Letter and Comprehension

Before you switch to attempting the Descriptive English Questions, you need to know of the ways of answering the questions in an effective way for maximum marks. The materials are of the first water in this regard.

Second Module (Self-evaluation Descriptive English Mocks)

This Module comprises such Descriptive English Mocks on the similar Interface that provide you with the answers then and there to the questions submitted. You need to attempt the mocks and then match your answers with the pre-fed answers. The Mock Interface has a word-counter and timer for word and time management. This is highly helpful if you need to know how the given question(s) is(are) to be attempted in a better way. This makes you ready for the Mocks with personalized evaluations by our experts. This is highly helpful to those aspirants who fear attempting the Descriptive English Mocks.

Third Module (Descriptive English Mocks with evaluations given by our experts on various dimensions)

This module presents before you the actual feelings that you undergo in the examination hall. You get almost similar interface with a timer and word-counter. What you need to do is to attempt questions in the text window provided. The Save and the Next Buttons are there to jump to the next answer.

The most important feature of this module is that our expert team will provide you with the evaluation (review) within a couple of hours or at least on the same working day. You can see the evaluation on your dashboard.

So, why wait? Cherish your goal. Please, click here for our Quality Packages.