The RBI Grade B Phase-II Descriptive ESI and FM Papers Analysis – 2022

RBI Grade B previous year ESI and FM Questions 2022

The RBI Grade B Phase-II exam was over on June 25, 2022. This phase comprised descriptive and objective-type questions. As far as the Descriptive ESI and FM questions are concerned, friend, these two papers comprise two types of questions – one carrying 15 marks and the other 10 marks.

Let’s analyze these questions:

Friend, in the Finance and Management paper, as per the feedback, the 15 marker questions were:

  1. What was the Global Crisis of 2008, and what were India’s role and response to that?
  2. What are a Manager’s roles in encouraging ethical behavior in an organization?
  3. What are the barriers to interpersonal communication and how to overcome them?

The 10 marker questions were

  1. Introduce LTRO
  2. Why do people or an organization resist change and how can it be managed?
  3. What is blockchain, and how does it disrupt banking?

The following were the questions asked in the ESI Descriptive Paper:

The 15 marker questions were as follows:

  1. Urbanization is spreading very fast but caste, gender, and race discrimination are still present. Give your views about the challenges in the way of preventive policies in India.
  2. What are economic reforms? Discuss the economic reforms implemented by India since the 1990s?
  3. Discuss in detail the RBI’s financial stability report.

The 10 Marker Questions were as follows:

  1. What are the challenges of Rural Entrepreneurship and how can it solve India’s major social problems?
  2. Discuss the Monetary policy framework.

What are NBFCs? How are NBFCs different with respect to banks? Name any 5 types of NBFCs which are present in India.